Credit to whom it’s owing…there are so many people who have in one way or another played a key role in enabling me to do what I do today and to be the person I am.  I want to express my deepfelt gratitude to them here, starting right from the beginning…

I want to thank my late parents, Andre Brys and Ariane Hulpiau, for the wonderful set of genes they gave me and for supporting me through thick and thin, no matter what I had set my sights on in life.

I want to thank my first piano teacher, Roland Coryn, for being real easy on me at the one point in my youth, when I was ready to quit and for introducing me to Eduardo del Pueyo.

I want to thank the late Eduardo del Pueyo for his fondness of the artist in me and for being so brilliant that his class was filled with former child prodigies, which let me gather invaluable experience with stage fright.

I want to thank the late Pierre Lanoo, who made it possible for me to study in the US. I will never forget that glorious morning, where his secretary phoned me with the message: “All you need to do is tell him is how much money you need and when you have to have it!”

I want to thank Susan Starr for coining the one phrase, pertaining to my Chinese girlfriend and me, that precipitated my shift towards conducting: “It would be great if the two of you could be one pianist!”

I want to thank my conducting teacher, Hans Kast, for the clear career perspective he instilled in me.

I want to thank Alain Christen for introducing me to Buddhism, which played a big role in who I am today.

I want to thank Wolfgang Geyler for being instrumental in my appointment to the Nurnberg Theatre, one year before I was due to start working there.

I want to thank the late Hans Gierster for taking a real shine to me and fostering me with conducting projects.

I want to thank my former wife of 26 years, who supported me through thick and thin and still does!

I want to thank my sales mentor Barry Katz, whose unsurpassed genius made me feel like a fish in the water in sales and marketing.

I want to thank Alan Portuesi for introducing me to Qigong.

I want to thank Karl Ludwig Blocher for his love of music and offering me the job that enabled me to re-immigrate to Germany at the age of 48.

I want to thank Dr. Pang Ming for creating Zhineng Qigong, which for more than fifteen years was the center of my life and my bread and butter.

I want to thank Hu Xi Long, for being there for me at a point where my life was in danger.

I want to thank Ooi Kean Hin for being such a pal and for his incomparably speedy and insightful support, whenever I have questions pertaining to Zhineng Qigong.

I want to thank Robert Betz whose appreciation for my photography and Qigong opened new doors for me.

I want to thank Rupert Sheldrake whose concept of morphic resonance underscored  my own understanding gained through Qigong practice.

I want to thank Dr. Renate Biber for her stirring brilliance as my tax cunsultant.

I want to thank my fellow musician, Regina Florey, without whom I would never have performed again as a pianist after a 29 year break.

I want to thank Kerstin Gernig who by including me in her “Werde was du kannst!”- book made me look at my life in a new way.

I want to thank my Qigong and photography student, Stephane Aumer, whose request to help him find a piano for his wife, set me off to discover my true purpose.

I want to thank Joe Vitale whose courses rekindled my unshakable belief in the divine core of my being.

And more recently…

I want to thank Dr. Mercola for sharing his enormous treasure of health discoveries.

I want to thank Giulia Enders, Dr. Robynne Chutkan, but first and foremost Dr. Josh Axe for the detailed scientific insights into the workings of our gut and the enteric nervous system.

I want to thank Patrick McKeon for consolidating ancient concepts of breathing through science.

I want to thank Clint Ober for promoting scientific research into earthing and turning it into the greatest benefit for all mankind.

I want to thank Dr. Stephen Sinatra for his inspiring books in which he shares his insights as an inter-disciplinary scientist.

I want to thank Dr. Wolfgang Mastnak for providing a  neuro-science perspective on music and for being so supportive of my work.

I want to thank Björn Tantau for his precious acumen in Facebook marketing and his invaluable support as an online marketing strategist.

I want to thank the Word community for providing such a unique website-building architecture free of charge.

I want to thank the people at Elementor for creating the most brilliant page building tool for word press.

I want to thank all the wonderful people at Site Ground for the website-hosting company that is second to none for speed, security and support.

I want to thank and for providing the great pictures on this site free of charge.

I want to thank Logomakr for their intuitive logo creating tool.

I want to thank for the tool with which I created the “say no to stage fright” logo.

And last but not least, I want to thank my recently deceased aunt Bea, who always was my biggest fan and is supporting me more than ever from wherever she may be now.